Our Mission

The Center for Spiritual Awakening exists to provide peace, healing, and community for those seeking to grow psychologically and spiritually through the winding paths of their lives. Intuition is our soul’s metacommunication with God, and it is often through transitions in our lives that we become more awakened and aware of God’s presence in our lives.  Through programs offered, participants are encouraged and guided to seek and find new ways to question, hear, sense, and respond to God’s awakened presence and meaning in their lives.

Through Marriage Education programs designed to strengthen marital partnerships through the peaks as well as the valleys, Ministry for Separated and Divorced groups that support participants to work through the many unfamiliar transitions of divorce and/or single parenting, Bereavement groups to help nurture those who feel lost and alone while grieving the loss of a loved one, Re-Learning Life and Finding New Beginnings after trauma and loss groups for those healing beyond trauma, loss, betrayal, and other life transitions, the Center for Spiritual Awakening is a psychoeducational, psychospiritual retreat center focused on supporting wholeness in God, self, faith, and community.

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