Spiritual Workshops & Classes

Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, what God has ready for those who love Him.

~ 1 Corinthians 2:9

Thank you for visiting my Workshops and Classes page.

As a long-time professional in the field of mental health and ministry, along with a deepening sense of God's presence in my life after loss, I know firsthand the powerful impact that healing with others in similar situations can have. And this is why I offer workshops, classes, presentations, and retreats.

Just as we attend to our physical and emotional health, our spiritual health needs to be attended to as well.  In fact, it is our spiritual health that undergirds and supports our physical and emotional health.

In life, you face life stressors every day that have the potential to overwhelm, confuse, and discourage you. You're not alone in this. We all face similar challenges and stressors.

However, research shows that being a spiritually awake person enhances emotional and physical health which improves stress resilience. 

Engaging in prayer and other spiritual practices increases your feelings of connection to God.

To pray is to open yourself to God who dwells within you. It means holding back nothing from God and sharing everything because God says come as you are.

This opening up to God is God opening up to you. If you are searching for God it is because God is always searching for you and has already found you.

The workshops, classes, inspirational presentations, and retreats that I offer are all based on this knowledge and in helping you explore and expand your relationship with God.

Unfortunately, our culture conspires against us taking time out for solitude and prayer; for communing with others in solitude and prayer; for finding deeper meaning in our lives as God made us.

Your ego and small self often work against your need to let go and be still so that you are better able to hear God’s love and presence in your life.

If you have a restlessness and a yearning in your heart for more, not just for yourself but for the whole world and especially the ones that you love, then I hope you will find one of my workshops, retreats, presentations or classes that speaks to your heart.

A resounding benefit of being enfolded in God’s loving care is that it strengthens your resilience.

Resilience is commonly referred to as a process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or stress. 

Spiritual resilience is about bouncing back from adversity in ways that create greater opportunities for deeper knowledge of God and self.

As a therapist and spiritual coach, I know firsthand the spiritual health and wholeness that I and others have found through prayer and spiritually growing.

Although many of us learned how to pray in our earlier lives, a hunger for the development of mature prayer and spiritual growth often becomes heightened as we grow older. 

Stay tuned for workshops on topics that include –

Contemplative Prayer;


Moving Beyond Abandonment to Healing After Divorce;

Moving Beyond Fear and Resistance Into Acceptance After a Medical Diagnosis;

The Other Side of Childhood Emotional Abuse: Turning Deficits Into Strengths, and more.

If you would like additional information or to be notified when classes and workshops are scheduled, please leave your contact information below.

Prior to workshops taking place, you will be provided with links to resource material to help guide our work.

I will be happy to meet you and help you to grow forward! 

In silence, God ceases to be an object but becomes an experience.

~ Thomas Merton