Life Coaching From A Spiritual Perspective

We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.

~ Richard Rohr



Trauma, fear, grief and loss are feelings that most of us encounter in our lives.  In themselves, these emotions are not harmful or threatening.

Rather, what is threatening is the way we have been taught to fear and dread these normal emotions “as if” they will harm us if we let them in or acknowledge them.

In part, we shut down in the face of these dark emotions because we do not know what is on the other side of them. Fearing the unknown, we resist acknowledging or honoring these feelings, disconnecting from the very sense of ourselves that we need most.

In our disconnection, we may feel isolated and alone, abandoned, maybe even embarrassed for what we are going through.

When we are most vulnerable, it is often hard for us to trust God’s love and guidance. We freeze, forgetting that God is Love and that God is right inside of us.

The only way to journey through vulnerability is through it. Yet, it is not a journey that you must take alone. You may find it helpful to have a supportive guide who understands the frightening feelings of disconnection that may have shut you down from the very life within you. A spiritual life coach can be this supportive guide for you.

Spiritual life coaching is a process and a presence that accompanies you on a journey of openness to feelings of anger, fear, loss, dread, or disconnection.   

Whether you anticipated your trauma or loss or you never saw it coming and were totally unprepared, the purpose of spiritual life coaching is to help you grow beyond your current limits in a way that helps you to find more – more of who you are, more of how God is guiding you, and more of who you were born to become.

You see, beyond the fear engendered by the unfamiliar emotions of fear, anger, and grief, there is Wisdom and life-giving energy stored up inside each of us. It is God’s loving grace and guidance that will lead you to your healing.

Rather than remaining frozen in place, spiritual life coaching can support and encourage you on your journey to reconnect with God at new levels.

Spiritual coaching supports you in stepping ever closer to the person God created you to be.

What you do with crises and painful events in your life is key in helping you transform yourself and your life to make yourself and our world more peaceful and loving.

It is our attitude toward painful events that makes or breaks us.

Spiritual life coaching helps you to mindfully decide how you will navigate your next steps.

Spiritual coaching helps you to embrace what feels on so many levels like an ending, to find “more” beyond that ending.

Spiritual coaching helps you to find “more” within yourself that is new and whole.

Not for a second is the fear, pain, anger, and despair of your loss or trauma diminished.

Rather, through spiritual coaching, you begin to see and experience that which you lost transformed into something new and expansive.

What you lost becomes a bridge to finding more.

A wall of endings suddenly becomes a gate toward new beginnings.

You begin to see the many ways that all that you cherished and lost is opening a gate toward new beginnings.

It is not a matter of letting go of who and what you lost. Rather it is a matter of opening yourself up to become more.

Spiritual coaching helps you trust the process of new beginnings in your life, to learn who you are beyond the limits of what felt – and may still feel – like a wall of endings.

New beginnings are decisive moments in our lives where we give ourselves permission to re-learn life and re-learn ourselves beyond the endings of loss. Through mindful openness and a willingness to learn from Wisdom inherent in our loss, we give ourselves permission to become free and to live meaningful lives going forward.

God is Love.

And in humbly accepting God’s Love for us, God helps us to transform ourselves into more than we ever may have become without our loss.

If this sounds like a journey you feel ready to explore, I would be happy to be your Spiritual Coach.

Contact me if you would like my support and encouragement on your journey!


W are not here only to transform the world but to be transformed.

~ Parker Palmer